Services and Facilities

Industrial district management offices in different parts of the country have been providing basic infrastructure like land, buildings, warehouses, electricity, water, drainage and other necessities required for establishing and operating industries within the industrial districts. Banking and postal services, workshops, health clinics, children's daycare centres, canteens, libraries, exhibition halls, guest houses and other services like security and sanitation are also made available. Additional services have been made available with the participation of industries in the districts. For example, an integrated Waste Water Treatment Plant has been set up in Hetauda under Environment Sector Programme Support (ESPS) launched with Danish government aid. The Hetauda plant, managed and operated by a separate management committee, was set up with the participation of industrialists and led by the district management office. The objective being to keep the industrial districts environmentally clean, the industrial waste water is to be released only after treatment. For industrial security, and in accordance with a government's decision, the industrial districts are manned by a unit of the Industrial Security Force, an arm of the Armed Police Force. The unit is either battalion strength or company sized, or just a camp or a post, according to requirement. Those industrial districts yet to have similar security units will also have them in time.