• To provide developed land, buildings, electricity, water, access roads, drainage and other necessary industrial infrastructure to industries established in the industrial district.
  • To carry out feasibility studies and see if new industrial districts are feasible, with the objective also to continue establishing new ones for further industrialization.
  • To collect information, conduct studies and carry out analyses on feasible projects within the district and sell such information and publish them.
  • To conduct the requisite research/studies for the promotion of the industrial districts; to participate in national and international exhibitions/fairs for industrial promotion; and to open the way for the industries themselves to participate.
  • To study the possible impacts of industrial, commercial and economic policies on industries.
  • To provide suggestions, advice and consultations to the enterprises in the districts regarding cost-effective and beneficial operation.
  • To encourage establishment of industrial districts by the private sector, through popular participation or as cooperatives and cooperate with them.