The main objectives of Industrial Districts are:

1.   To provide infrastructure facilities like developed land, industrial sheds and warehouses, roads, drainage/culverts, electricity, water, to the industries established in the ID/IEs.

2.   To study the potentiality for the establishment of ID/IE and promote new ID/IE in feasible areas.

3.   To stimulate private sector in setting up IDs/IEs in promising area and extend technical and other services if required.

4 .To promote industries in the IDs/IEs and undertake the overall management and supervision of the IDs/IEs

5 . To identify problems of industrial units set up in the IDs/IEs and provide management consultancy and extension services for their smooth operation and productivity improvement

6.To disseminate information on feasible projects, facilities available in the IDs and opportunities therein for investment.

7.To study the implication of government policies and make recommendations to Government for necessary alterations to develop congenial industrial atmosphere in the IDs/IEs.

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