Patan Industrial district was established in the year 1963 A.D. under the India assistance with infrastructures facilities such as developed lands, boundary walls, electricity distribution network, drainage system, industrial sheds and warehouse.

Patan I.D has a total area of 293 ropanies out of which 293 ropanies are well developed. The land occupied by service sector are 73 ropanies . Currently there are 112 industries established inside the district out of which 102 industries are in operation.   The investment the private sector has invested in the industries grosses more than 170 crores, while the government sector investment is 4.01 crores.

Patan Industrial district has it's own electricity distribution network.  The total power consumption by this I.D. is 2500KVA. District has it's own water boring system,water supply systems as well as water filtration plant. The total water consumption here per day is 288 kilo leter per day. District has a total road network  of 5 km.

Industrial District Patan
Estd. Year (A.D.) 1963
Aid India
Area (Ropani) 293
Developed 293
    Leased 220
    Not Leased  
    Land occupied by service sector 73
Investement (rupees in crore)  
   Government sector 4.01
   Private sector 170
No. of industries 112
   Running 102
   Under construction  5
   Closed 5
   Land on leased but yet in construction -
   Others 10
No. of employment  1586
Power Capacity (KVA) 2500
Water Production/Consumption capacity 288
Road (K.M.) 5
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